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ABOUT Sagent

Ancient wisdom finally gets a face-lift 

Scott Sagent is a spiritual counselor, psychic and teacher who uses a full spectrum of gnostic modalities to improve people's lives. Working with the energies that we all are composed of, he is able to provide divine guidance and unify people's hearts with minds.

As a Virgo true to his earth sign, Scott brings a very grounded and genuine vibe that people easily relate to. His readings, teachings and lectures are magical yet concise, without any of the hocus pocus (hoo-hoo stigma) that saturates so much of today's spiritual landscapeHis repertoire includes, but is not limited to: Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, metaphysics, channeling, dowsing, tea leaves, frequencies, harmonics and accessing the Akashic Records.

Scott is a lifelong seeker and a problem solver whose passion is to modernize all phases of Spirituality. This includes topics such as: bringing Tarot into the 21st century (finally) with a modern-themed deck. Teaching free online lessons so anyone can divine. Producing individual video readings that are much more intimate, personal and fun - as well as giving people something tangible to reflect back upon. And although Scott is not big on titles, he openly shares that he was raised Christian and has studied many different religions. To him, Spirituality is what remains once you strip out "Man's fingerprints" from divinely inspired texts. Your personal connection to God and all of creation.

Unlike many psychic mediums who are naturally gifted, Scott proudly admits that his gifts are not a birthright, nor a hereditary hand-me-down. He is 100% self taught and has cultivated his clairvoyant/intuitive abilities completely from his own passion for learning and helping others. Does this give him an edge over his competition? He certainly thinks so, but will also be the first to tell you that you can do anything that he can do, if you are dedicated.

  • Numerology: 8

  • Sun Sign: Virgo

  • Rising Sign: Taurus

  • Moon Sign: Aries

  • Fluent in the complicated language of Tarot.

  • Well studied in Numerology & Astrology.

  • Frequently accesses the Akashic Records.

  • A "Manifesting Generator" (only 9% of the population) according to

  • Channels positive entities such as the deceased, through meditation.

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