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Kicking Rocks: Mind vs. Gemstone

There are many wise people that I've had lengthy debates with, who fully believe in the metaphysics of "rocks", but view them as a complete mental trick (or mental tool), unbound by any set definition. This directly suggests that your Mind is setting power to the stone and your world, versus the stone emanating what your Mind has programmed into it. [[see programming stones here ]] Personally, I don't believe the Mind (trick) theory is terribly far off from the truth, as the power of the Mind and our co-creative consciousness really does trump everything else. There's good reason I capitalize the word 'Mind'.. BUT.... BUT.... BUT.

Let me talk Nerdy in your ear

In a physical, duality plane of existence built off of natural laws that deduce to: frequencies, energy and vibration (-Tesla); there always has to be a range.. For everything. Even science verifies this.. For example, the range of the light spectrum. We see different colors essentially because some light waves vibrate faster. Others slower.. Based on this fact ALONE, gemstones that are green are going to resonate more pure under a green light (frequency range), versus under, say a red light. Do green gemstones even LOOK green when observed under red lighting? You'll have to get back to me on your findings on that one - but I'm gonna make a prediction on brownish. So no! These frequencies are competing and probably kicking out a disruption pattern as a result.

Simplify it this way

The dumb-down version of categorizing a gemstone's metaphysics is as simple as this. Observe the color of the stone. Match that color to a chakra. Those chakra characteristics are what the stone effects. Done!.... Simple enough right? Actually yes, mostly.. You'll only find through deep research that there are quirks, as each stone does have a separate identity/vibe. But at the end of the day: 588 hertz is a blue light, a blue stone is blue, and a duck is a duck.

Kinda Conclusive

My wise friends are ultimately correct. It is Mind over matter.. But when matter is directed within it's vibratory "range", it can work WITH the Mind much more efficiently. I think that's really the key here. After all, it is easier to swim with the current than against it.

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