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Project True Quartz: Crystal & Gemstone synchronicity

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Roughly 20 years before metaphysics entered my life, gemstones had already lured me in. Their world, a curious one. Their stories, absolutely ancient and so intriguing to me.. I had a pretty standard "rock collection" when I was a young boy and until now - I never truly realized how much this one box of stones would end up foretelling a major aspect of my story.

Prologue: Project True Quartz

Time hop to 2015.. Metaphysics are now a major part of my everyday. I'm continuing my gemstone education, collection and exploring different pairings. But I catch myself continually running into a problem that I finally decided to rectify.

Information. Misinformation. Synchronicity. Contradictions.... I'd go to four different sites/sources to lookup what my new #howlite does.. And I'd get four, sometimes completely different write-ups! So which is right? Which is wrong? How am I the only one who is outraged by this?!? lol..

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