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Spirituality 1A: Get Clean!

Wash off all that negative energy from your day with Scott Sagent Sage Soap! Sage is not only a spiritual force for clearing and cleansing, but also totes regenerative qualities known to leave your skin feeling healthier and looking younger! Emotional balancing and calming is yet another by-product of sage that anyone can benefit from. SSSS comes with a thin soap pad (included free) that can be used as a buffer or medium on any countertop, or in any shower or bath.  Finally, SSSS comes in a box made from 100% recycled paper with branding insignia, garnished with a small piece of 100% natural hemp cord that craftfully ties together the whole product [soap bar, soap pad and a few business cards for friends]. Get that deeper level of clean, today! Promo video below.

Scott Sagent Sage Soap

  • Reasonable exchanges are accepted, but Returns are not at this time. Shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the customer, who may contact (email) Support ( to make an exchange request. Exchange information and the shipping address will be emailed back promptly to you.

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