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My First, to my most Profound

Updated: May 31, 2018

I’m frequently asked about my earliest psychic moment. How old I was. What came out of it... How it shaped my life…

I’ve always been highly intuitive, but didn’t realize it until much later in life. I don't have stories about seeing Angels next to my bed when I was five. I didn't see ghosts either.. My spiritual path has been 95% self taught, 5% providence. Whereas most in this field are quite literally mirror images of me.. 95% gifted, 5% growth. So it has definitely taken me much longer to arrive at the same point, but I feel like that gives me an enormous edge in both relating to people, as well as a higher ceiling for growth. Because I was not silver spooned, I had to work for this. So I appreciate it more.. I'm here doing this because I'm passionate about it and truly want to help people.. Not because, "it's just what I'm good at".

The first moment that it clicked in my head, was when my best friend told me “not to say anything bad about something he was about to do”, when we were teenagers. I was slightly confused, so I asked him to elaborate.. He said that anytime I said something, it ended up coming true.

I thought back to recent examples, trying to prove him wrong. But I couldn’t argue.... So basically what I’d been doing my whole life, was MISFILING my intuitions under the guise of having good common sense. And I think that many of us do this.

Okay, so my first is FAR from a Hollywood movie script, I know! But that’s what people ask me about, so I feel compelled to address it genuinely. Fortunately, for your reading pleasure, my most profound experience is quite the opposite. It wasn’t even so much the experience itself, but the RESULTS - that makes this such a powerful story. This is my personal favorite because it showcases the positives that divination can bring into our lives. Plus I’m kind of a sucker for happy endings!

Through the Veil we go!

I had just completed a tarot reading for Jim, a good friend of mine from work. Before I disconnected the energy field, I asked him if there was anyone on the “Other Side” that he’d care to contact, or hear from. It was obvious to me that he had never considered the possibility, but was interested. Taken off guard, but intrigued. He decided to beacon his Mom and Dad as options, and invited them to join us.. As it turned out, it was Dad that showed up to chat.

When I get into communicating with the deceased, it’s worth noting that it’s always ONE energy/entity that shows up and takes the microphone (at least in my experiences). Not to discount the likelihood that multiple sources probably want to talk to the querent too.. But to me it feels like an organized, turn-based system on their end. Probably as to NOT clutter my insignificant human brain with more than it’s about to be overloaded with anyways.

So Dad, as I found out here, was a fellow named W.D.. I had Jim select a handful of cards that would tell a story (Storyline Spread) and with it, W.D.’s message. This was a time when my Medium-ship (using no tools) was “under construction”, so I was divining through tarot cards. Tarot is a modality that can be learned across all skill levels, and I actually highly recommend it for responsible beginners.

The Cards Begin to Speak

W.D. talked about his concern with a boy and a girl, a generation younger than himself. These two were greatly opposed, at odds and completely removed from each others lives.. W.D. wanted this hiatus to end. He explained to Jim that the girl was not of sound mind, and that the only way this situation would be fixed was if THE BOY did something about it.

As I soon found out, W.D. was talking about two of his kids.. Jim recognized himself as the boy, and the girl as his estranged sister. The two both went their separate ways after a nasty fight over inheritance and never looked back. I don’t remember if the timeline had been years or decades, but I do know that they had NO communication for a very, very long time. What resonated for Jim the most was the part about HIM having to initiate, as that was the only way there’d be a resolution. He spent a day or so letting it soak in.

The Power of One Little Phone Call

Jim swallowed his pride, mustered up the courage and called her. Voicemail…. Ugh.

He left her a short message, expressed that he cared about her very much and how he’d love to hear from her. Days passed without a response, and I think at that point he had written off the possibility of ever hearing back.. But he told me that it felt good just sticking his neck out there like that, and trying. I could hear the release of the old, unnecessary karma from his voice tone. It had invigorated him.

About a week after the initial call, his sister did call him back! They had a good conversation that transitioned into more talks in the weeks that followed. He now has a real relationship with his sister again, and believes that it “just would NOT have happened otherwise”, had he not been directed by W.D. himself.

Jim benefited by receiving very important insights into the situation, that helped bring it all into perspective. Then all that was left to do, was to choose.

I have no doubt that W.D. is watching, smiling.. Overjoyed that his kids are both on very different paths now, enriching each other’s lives again…. Roll Credits.

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